Communicating in Teams


This workshop is designed to help individuals perform better in group decision making and team situations. The content and the exercises are designed to explore how groups communicate, how they make decisions, and how individual contributions affect the group output. The workshop will explore how groups plan, how they make decisions, how people influence one another and how clearly they can give directions or explain tasks.


The workshop is designed to help you further explore:

1. How individuals and groups share information and plan
2. How different people use different influencing styles and the impact on others
3. How to give clear directions
4. Your individual communication and decision making style
5. How trust is built or destroyed in groups

Target Audience
Groups or individuals can benefit from this workshop. It is often helpful to convene people who work and communicate together on joint projects and tasks.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Better understand your preferred and back up influencing styles
2. Recognise and match appropriate influencing styles
3. Be more aware of the steps in planning and decision making
4. Recognise aggressive and assertive behaviour
5. Plan strategies for building trust
6. Plans for personal development

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