Our Mission


Helping individuals, teams and organisations improve leadership and performance through brain friendly learning and facilitation.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We are passionate in our beliefs that:

  • Professionals are people first. The most powerful learning happens when people are emotionally engaged, and are having fun.
  • Awareness of self is essential for any developmental change to occur -, “Knowing others is wisdom; knowing self is enlightenment.” Tao Te Ching
  • Team success is dependent on individual performance and contributions.
  • Amazing results can happen when people work to their strengths
  • Organisational learning happens when individuals are engaged in the process

With this guiding philosophy, PLB Consulting Ltd. helps individuals and teams to learn, improve and to achieve their best performance.

Our Approach

Our approach to learning is ‘serious fun’. It’s an approach and mindset that has evolved thanks to 30 years experience in a series of careers: sports education, academia, private/corporate, and humanitarian sectors. This rich variety of experiences has shaped a unique approach to learning and personal development that:

  • Applies performance psychology, focusing on the ‘inner game’ to help people achieve what they can imagine
  • Provides people with a sound theoretical basis underpinning brain friendly content
  • Emphasises the business perspective and results orientation of all learning
  • Encourages the application of personal insights and ethical behaviour to the individual’s own job and responsibilities

Our brain friendly content and interactive activities give participants a dynamic learning experience that allows them to use body and mind as they apply their most effective thinking and learning styles in stress free, fun experiences.

We promote Learning Excellence in organisations.

  • Individual awareness and self development on the part of all the workforce
  • Best practice in learning design and delivery including brain based learning applied to adult learning principles
  • A commitment to continuous, life-long learning
  • Competence in sharing knowledge and building capacity

Our Logo


The PLB Consulting logo represents a bridge. It grew out of our signature ‘bridge building’ team development workshop. It illustrates the links created between people when they work, learn and achieve together. We help people notice the links and create lasting bridges to enable new behaviours, feelings and relationships. We work to help people consciously create bridges between:

  • Individuals and ideas
  • Leaders with their teams
  • Team members with their colleagues
  • Policy with practice
  • Strategy with execution
  • Left brain analysis with right brain vision and emotional intelligence