Below are some personal testimonials from people who have attended our courses.

“ We learned so much, but it didn’t seem like it because we were having so much fun ” – June, International Organisation for Migration, Geneva
We certainly did june, what a fantastic learning experience we had during those few days – Pamela Lupton Bowers
“ I am sooooo glad I chose this session! I assumed I knew more facilitation techniques than I do ” – Mary, WHO Stockholm
“ Very good, useful and entertaining. I’m taking a lot away to use in future workshops ” – Thomas, Stockholm
“ All this fuzzy touchy stuff has scientific explanation. I’m already writing down all the things I will use. ” – David, WHO Geneva
“ Four days is a bit short I wish this training would not end!! ” – Liliana, Geneva
“ There was so much laughter. It made me realise how little we laugh at work. I didn’t want the learning to stop. ” – Lou, Geneva
“ I never expected to have this kind of life changing experience ” – Sri Lanka
“ I just got back from Uganda, facilitating a session of 60 local stakeholders to follow up on their government?s commitments made to RH supplies. The workshop was challenging and exciting, we got pretty much out of it what we needed, and actually had a hard time getting people to stop? needless to say I had your facilitator?s bible with me of course! Many many thanks, I could never even have dreamed of pulling off a stunt like this ? ” – Lou, Belgium
“ Just a short note of thanks for your able facilitation of our vision workshop. You kept the group on track; you helped us use our time very efficiently and you maintained a good spirit despite differences in views and interests. I hope to be able to work with you at a later occasion! ” – Lars, World Scouts
“ I also wanted to thank you for the insightful training we had on Thursday! Very practical and inspiring! ” – Narcisa, Mercer, Geneva
“ On behalf of the FIDI Academy, I want to thank you for the new skills you brought to us last week. All trainers told me they were re-energized, more skilled and ready to start new projects and apply lessons learned. Personally, I found it very beneficial as well and you delivered well beyond my expectations. It is great to partner with people like you that are passionate by learning and teaching (amongst other). Some trainers asked me if I can share your contact details ? do you allow me to ” – Chantal Fera, FIDI Academy, Brussels
“ Again, an enormous thank you for yesterday?s retreat facilitation. Did a quick feedback this morning and people were very happy with how the day went, enjoyed it very much, and found it very useful. Congratulations! We?ll wait to hear from you with your new proposal for activities next year and get onto scheduling dates as quickly as possible, before your calendar fills up. ” – Gill, WHO
“ Before the training I was standing in front of the doors with obscure glass. I could see silhouettes but didn?t know what they were. You opened the door for me so that now I understand what is BRM and how to deliver it to others ” – Matluba, Tadjikistan
“ I think I will be able to use this knowledge back at work and passé them onto my colleagues and also how to train my colleagues in other labs, Train them how to facilitate Now it is much easier for me since Pamela taught me how to teach others Moreover I can use things that people already faced and things they are working with. The training was useful for me both as a specialist and as a person. It gave me confidence in my ability. ” – Evghenyia, Virologist MD, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
“ The training was very interesting although the duration was bout 10 days. I didn?t notice the time as topics and sessions were very exciting and paced with excitement. Thanks you very much for the training. ” – Suhrob, Scientist, Dushanbe, Tajikistan